Will LaBreche, Principal Software & Data Engineer

Will LaBreche is a Senior Data Scientist & Machine Learning Software Engineer in the NAST Business Analytics and Data Science department at C.H. Robinson, the world’s largest logistics company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Early in his tenure at Robinson, he architected, engineered and scaled one of the company’s largest automated platforms generating sales in excess of $400M annually. He currently spearheads prototype development for the company, building proof-of-concept, intelligent AI agents for the data science and analytics team.

He has a diverse background in data, software, platform, and ecommerce expertise. Over the course of his tenure as a professional engineer, LaBreche has focused on automation and AI engineering for businesses ranging from small start-ups, manufacturing, and retail, to Fortune 500 accounts. He has implemented solutions accounting for millions of dollars in realized revenues by introducing strategic solutions for his customers.

As the founder of Creekbed Digital, LaBreche serves as lead engineer and one-on-one consultant to agency clients. He has enjoyed over a decade in business working with close to 75 clients large and small.

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