Custom Application & Software Engineering

Creekbed Digital is not a platform company. We subscribe to the methods of open source software development and strongly encourage clients to consider private software engineering over large, third-party development firms. We keep our operations small and manageable. We only recommend the most affordable and sustainable technology solutions. With Creekbed Digital, you won’t get baked into a long term license for software you paid to have built. We honestly do this for the passion of helping our clients break new ground and blaze new trails.

All our applications are built or overseen in-house by our principal engineer. Behind that we have decades of data science, machine learning, and data engineering resource experience we can bring to bear on your most challenging projects.

Advanced API Integrations

As API and Restful microservices become more pervasive in our increasingly connected world, you want to make sure your business is harnessing and marrying data from all kinds of remote sources. The best insights are gleaned from the most current and complete of datasets, and maintaining current state means tapping into a wealth of APIs and digital connections to build your data. Looking singularly at internal data never solves a challenge alone.

Custom eCommerce Development

We can enhance and streamline much of the repetitive management of your ecommerce site. Especially pricing adjustments to catalogs in the hundreds of thousands of products across multiple platforms. In most cases your business likely has an ERP/CRM, a digital storefront, a backend ecommerce management portal, social media advertising, and Google Shopping ads running concurrently. All of these touchpoints require manual or even an API push to update, sometimes taking hours or occasionally days to re-price.

Creekbed Digital can build custom solutions for your operational workflow that can increase efficiencies tenfold. Not just automating product data, but also building intelligent shipping and tracking integrations. Or even product recommender systems that are modeled to prompt users of similar purchases by others at checkout. Perhaps you have price conversion metrics for international customers, our pricing module can automatically re-price front-end UI through the transaction phase.

Machine Learning for the Enterprise

Machine learning can be a cryptic term used these days. Definitions, even between tenured professionals, vary significantly.

The short story is this: Machine learning can show you things about your business you never knew existed or previously identified. These machines can learn from your data, ingest data and learn from the open Web, and monitor and respond in real-time to your company’s data.

Example: You can use machine learning to identify trends in pricing across key retail segments. Through structured models, we have an algorithmic, standardized means to predict outcomes, pricing changes, and trends in the marketplace so your business stays ahead of the curve. Machine learning for ecommerce is one of our biggest success stories.