Who We Work With

We have experience developing solutions for Fortune 200 accounts, small manufacturing companies, government entities, ecommerce retailers, attorneys offices, and many various small and medium-sized businesses. We do not list our clients due to the competitive nature of software, data, and automation consulting.

Committed to Confidentiality

Because we're exposed to sensitive business strategy and occasional trade secrets, it is important to mention first-and-foremost our commitment to non-disclosure. We never share your information with any external parties and all your project data is developed on highly-secure systems. In most cases your sensitive information won't even be discussed internally. At the conclusion of our partnership, all documentation, code samples, and fully-versioned application are compressed and moved to offline archives.

Own Your Automation, Don't Rent it from a Third Party

We are committed to open source development and using industry standard tooling to develop our intelligent automation applications. The benefit is that your company owns the work we produce which is never shared or used outside of your business. No more confusing meetings with third party automation vendors who never fully-learn your business. Drag-and-drop automation has proven valuable for those experimenting with automation, but long-term solutions require a more custom and personalized approach to automating key components of your business.

We Are Not a Replacement for In-House Developers

Our goal is never to replace your company's developers, IT, or data teams. Rather our efforts are meant to compliment and dovetail their efforts. We support your development team, train them for ongoing maintenance of the automation application, and work within existing data sources as managed by your team.

Schedule a Free Consultation

All prospective clients are entitled to a free 90-minute consultation to discuss automation opportunities within the enterprise. Following our consultation, a personalized, detailed proposal is prepared along with timelines to development and clear project pricing up-front before any work begins. You'd be surprised at how affordable automation can be.

Digital Transformation without Hiring an Expensive Team

Most companies are in some stage of digitally transforming their business for the future. It takes looking at internal processes and deciding how and where to apply operational AI within your organization to realize enhanced revenue or cost savings. We bring the firepower of a data science team, machine learning engineering squad, and tactical business strategy unit to every partnership.

Fee Schedule and Consultation Rates

Each of our clients enjoy personalized rates based on the complexity, estimated effort, and planned duration of the project curated into a customized proposal. Our rates are consistent with other agencies, but due to the specialized nature of our engineering, can vary significantly between accounts. Companies that require longer-term arrangements or multi-stage development over six months or more qualify to bundled rates that help them save over time.