Database Architecture

We can help your company navigate all the means by which storing and acting on data can be done most efficiently. It starts with a solid foundation for data alignment, and really understanding how your business wants its data to work. This dictates the architecture best-suited to your needs, whether through traditional SQL databases, or bleeding-edge NoSQL solutions like Redis and MongoDB.

We will work with your data administrators to help identify opportunities for the long-term viability, security, and stability of your data assets. Occasionally this means creating large data stores, but more often than not the effort lies in coalescing data into a streamlined, readily accessible format easy for your employees to engage with.

Data ETLs

Our unique specialty in data engineering is the ETL process. Short for extract, transform, and load, ETLs are essential to business as they build standardized pipelines for your data - acting like veins between crucial functions of your org. ETLs extract unclean, pre-parsed data from disparate sources. The process then cleans and performs logic on the data, known as the transform step, before loading the newly-sanitized data into your actionable data store.

Maintaining consistent data pipelines is one of the most important initiatives a company can undertake. It means they're investing in data, taking action where they see opportunity. And to do that, they rely on clean, manageable, and organized data that an ETL can provide.

Big Data Migrations

It can be overwhelming to assess all the different and varied sources of your company’s data. Staring down millions of records, seeing duplications and gaps, can cause many to just abandon hope of corralling their data at all.

We can build a plan to migrate and organize your data across hundreds of millions of records. Distilling this data like fine moonshine, we categorize and replicate it cleanly into new data stores. Eventually once your data is walked over, we plan the deprecation of old data assets and port your existing connections to new data repositories.

Streaming Data

If you need immediate, real-time vision around the data coming into your company, we can introduce you to streaming data that feeds all facets of your business. Like a firehose, other data ETLs can connect and tap into the data to push real-time updates and insertions into other data stores.

With the quantity of data ever-increasing, having an extensible data pipeline that can react and ingest data as it becomes available is a bleeding edge capability for companies invested in big data. Creekbed Digital can help you realize that technical capability for your own enterprise using open source tools.

Apache Kafka